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Features of the new client PokerStars Sochi

PokerStars Sochi

The PokerStars Sochi review will help you figure out why the developers have created an additional client and what features it has. This is a new software that can be downloaded from a separate site, and it was developed specifically for users from the CIS.

Why did you launch the application

Now poker players from Russia cannot just log into the PokerStars client to start the game. First, you have to bypass the blocking - use additional programs, create a private virtual network, install browser extensions. This is inconvenient and time consuming.

Therefore, the developers of the room decided to make life easier for the players - they created an additional application Poker Stars Sochi, through which you can easily enter the lobby.

What are the differences from the main software of the room?

Differences between PokerStars and PokerStars Sochi

There are differences, but they are insignificant - there is some design difference between the two versions. Otherwise, the software has retained all the advantages:

  • No lags and disconnects. The game is "clean" - you can enjoy poker and not be afraid that your bet will disappear due to the fact that the software has closed for some reason;
  • Configuring various parameters. Players will be able, for example, to set a reminder of the upcoming tournament or ask to be informed about new promotions. In the settings, you can also change the language of the application - there is a full-fledged Russian-language version, and the software in English synchronizes well with additional programs;
  • Additional "chips". So, poker players will be able to choose one of hundreds of avatars and stand out from other players. Or change the color of the deck or game table to diversify the poker;
  • Mobile version. You can also download the new client to your phone - so you can easily enter the lobby via Android or iOS;
  • Comfortable lobby. In the main menu, you can quickly go to any section - for example, in a couple of clicks to get to the section for currency input and output. There is also a quick search for the tables you need - you can filter them by a number of parameters.

How to download the new PokerStars client?

To do this, you need to go to the official website of Poker Stars Sochi - you can just go to it. And if you go to the main page of the room from Russia, you will be automatically redirected to this page.

There you need to press the button “Download and start playing” - you definitely will not miss it on the main page. After that, the software download will automatically start (it weighs only 21 megabytes).

Once the installation package has been downloaded, open it. You will need to select some options during installation:

  • What shortcuts to create. You can create an icon on the desktop or on the quick launch panel - this will take you to the lobby in a couple of clicks;
  • Language. We have already written about the advantages of different languages in the description of the software;
  • Download folder. Choose a disk with sufficient free space - this way you can install updates without errors;
  • Also, do not forget to read the User Agreement in order to play in the room, knowing all your rights and obligations.

All you have to do is go to the Poker Stars Sochi website and download the program for the game. If you already had a profile in the room, you do not need to create another one. Clients have a common pool of players and common accounts - the money can be used through the new program.

We hope that the review of Poker Stars Sochi allowed you to figure out why the room has launched a new client and what advantages the players from Russia have from this.