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The online poker room has always had a loyalty program. Since March 28 of this year, it has undergone some changes and became known as 888poker club. For ordinary users, the 888 VIP program reward system has become much easier. all bonuses that were on the players' account under the old program were converted into bonuses under the new program. At the same time, there was no change in their value. Points were converted without losing their value.

New 888poker loyalty program

The new loyalty program implies more support for recreational players. However, regular participants in poker games on the service can also use it without much difficulty. They can also make a decent income by playing poker.

The 888poker club reward program is built on a tier system. During each poker game, points will be awarded to participants. They will determine what level the players will have. For each level, participants receive gold coins as a reward. In the future, they can be exchanged and receive new rewards from the poker club for this.

As soon as the player completes every five levels, he will be awarded a reward, which will be a random bonus. Only after the discovery of this random bonus, players will be able to find out exactly what they received after reaching every fifth level. The poker club offers several options for such bonuses at once, including gold coins, cash, tickets for taking part in poker tournaments.

How are the levels set for the VIP level at 888poker?

For a set of levels in this room, players do not have to spend a lot of effort. Points can be earned while playing poker at the tables. In addition, the service offers additional tasks, solving which you can easily become the owner of additional points.

Currently, each player can get to level 250. There are no more levels yet. However, it should be noted that not everyone succeeds in getting to the very last of them, because this task is not easy.

This poker room has its own store, where you can exchange all your accumulated gold coins for your favorite bonuses presented there.

Free tournaments are planned monthly with a total monthly guarantee of one hundred dollars.

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