Poker stories

The "seriousness" of poker players

Nolan Dalla told the story of poker players who missed their "happiness" in the form of a tourist wasting money left and right. What mistake did the players make? The answer is paradoxical, they were overly serious!

A tourist came to the poker room for fresh emotions and just a pleasant pastime. Sitting at the Hold'em table, he began to lively recount the ins and outs of his life, but the rest of the players sat with stern faces and did not react in any way to the stories of the young heart surgeon. Their goal was to make a clean living without unnecessary idle talk. The young man played every hand that came, often lost, but this did not spoil his mood. He exchanged hundreds of dollars for chips several times and continued to play. But he soon realized that no one was interested in communicating with him, so he was forced to change the table. He got into the company of more talkative players, which he was incredibly happy about.

Linda Johnson is a well-known poker player who believes that a player who sits at a table must pursue three goals:

  1. Winning.
  2. Pleasant pastime.
  3. Interest in having fun for the rest of the players.

Do not repeat the mistakes of "serious" poker players and then your chances of winning will increase.