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How to choose the right tournament

Before choosing a tournament, it is necessary to analyze all available information on all ongoing tournaments, to study the features and nuances of each of them. Variance should also be taken into account (difference in expectation, mismatch of player's expectations). Multi-table tournaments are the most volatile, depending on the size of the table. Accordingly, the larger the size, the higher the variance.

Try to choose tournaments with the lightest fields and the lowest field values. In addition, one of the main elements is the distance (the number of tournaments played), which will allow you to fully find out the player's performance. Also, playing a lot of tournaments, you simply will not notice the downstreams (a series of losses), you will gain experience and, accordingly, replenish your playing capital (bankroll) for further play. And vice versa, playing 2-3 tournaments a day, you can be in the downstream for a very long time without replenishing your money for the game. Having worked out a certain distance (number of tournaments) per month, you will provide yourself with a stable flow of funds into your existing bankroll and good protection from downstrikes by simply not noticing them.

You also need to create a tournament grid for yourself, which will make it easier for you to choose the required tournament that suits you. Do not forget about the study of the selected tournament and general preparation for it.

The choice of a tournament is carried out according to three conditions that must be taken into account for a successful game:

  1. Time. You need to properly schedule the tournaments you play. First of all, this is necessary so that you do not violate your daily routine and do not allow possible problems with your health condition. It is necessary to reasonably distribute your time and energy when playing at several tournaments. If you are worried that you may not be able to master the desired number of tournaments, it is best to simply reduce their number.
  2. Buy-in. Evaluate your financial capabilities sensibly. You do not need to take part in tournaments where you need a large amount of entry. Look for tournaments that you can afford.
  3. Tournament type. It all depends on the player personally. He himself chooses where to take part and what will be the most profitable option for him.

The complexity of the fields is also a weighty argument when choosing tournaments. This aspect, first of all, concerns beginners in this business. In addition, the greater the guarantee of the tournament, the more weak and inexperienced players will be present there, due to which one can seriously improve financially.