Improving the game

How to choose the size of your bet in Hold'em

In order for the game of poker to bring real income, it is necessary to choose the correct size of the bet. A large number of people mindlessly place a big bet and lose it. Usually, such manipulations lead to the complete bankruptcy of the player. To avoid this, you need to prioritize your poker correctly.

No limit hold'em

In this hold'em, a poker player can specify any bet size. It can correspond to the minimum or big blind. In most cases, there are very few players who choose the maximum bet. Usually the size of the bet fluctuates somewhere in the middle of the blind.

The rule of the game

Poker fans have one very good rule: if a player wants to significantly increase his bank, he needs to put all his money on the game. In order to make such extreme bets, you need to carefully assess the current situation in the game.

This rule should also be applied to the post-flop situation. But there are a few more nuances to consider. The bet size must be between 65 and 75% from your pot on the third, fourth, or fifth card. It is this rate that will help you achieve more profit, and also will not scare your competitors.

If you decide to bet as little as 20 to 30% of your pot, then your opponent can beat you with a flush or straight draw. But it is worth noting that, having put the entire bank on the line, unfortunately, you will not be able to increase your money volume.


The exception to poker is when there are a lot of cards on the flop that can lead to draws. In this case, there is no need to waste time, you need to try to place a larger bet than other players. This will allow opponents to lose a large amount of money in the event of a draw.

Very often there are times when a player knows that he has the best hand and his competitor has nothing. Even if he called the big bet. It is at this point that experienced poker players recommend lowering their bet. Whether you only win one blind or not, it's still better than being left with an empty wallet.

Regardless of all these rules, the choice of the size of the bet is up to you. The player must be very attentive to the game and the whole situation in general. You need to carefully monitor all the actions of the enemy and vary your own. If you don't do all this, you can lose a large amount of money and not win a single big pot.

The advantage of each strategy

For those players who play No Limit Hold'em, there is a great opportunity to control your bank. In order to choose the best bet size, you need to rely on your bank. Professionals recommend betting the entire bank in such cases. If you do, a pot-size bet can mask your winning hand.

Unfortunately, this strategy is only suitable for beginners who are not yet good at poker.

If the bet is between 30 and 200% of the pot, then you can perfectly match the bet for bluffing, nut hands and draws. Also, it is in this strategy that the player has the opportunity to turn the situation in his direction.

The choice of the required bet may also depend on the stack. It is advisable to use a ½ stack bet when the stack sizes are larger than the pot itself. This is the only reason why small bets will not be able to fight back great draws due to high implies. For this strategy, it is best to have the nuts, which will allow you to completely take the stack.

Professionals recommend keeping the pot with a small bet when playing this kind of poker until you have the necessary cards. Otherwise, you may run into a raise and not be able to fight back.