Improving the game

Poker emotions

Here are some tips on how to read your opponent and not get caught in your own networks.

Learn to spot the differences between sign language and sign language. Gestures are arbitrary, signs reveal emotions.

Which sign will you choose for yourself? Touching, rocking, undue carelessness, etc. - on what basis will you evaluate your opponent in the first place? Understanding your opponent will help you save money.

Be yourself. Do not try to behave in a way that is not typical for you. By trying to control yourself, you may be missing out on something important in the behavior of your opponents. Pick your role and rehearse. Constantly. Round the clock. This should be your second self. Can't choose a line of behavior, concentrate. Pause, study, analyze - it will improve your game. Remember, you are being watched too.

Play on emotions. Anger, anger, irritation, joy - all of these can play in your favor. And don't let your emotions play against you. If you are overwhelmed by anger or anger, take a break and relax a little, listen to music, for example. Finish the game before you start to feel afraid. Remember, poker emotion and self-confidence are critical to success or failure.