Improving the game

The main thing in multi-tabling for a poker player

Experienced players play at several tables at the same time. Any hand you play gives you experience. You must do all distributions consciously. If you resort to multi-tabling and play a lot of hands, then you will hardly be able to achieve the kind of awareness that is in playing at the same table.

Many people think that multi-tabling will help you get more pay per hour. Only here there is a nuance. Yes, you can play more hands per hour, but the experience from the hands played will be less, which means that the winnings will also be less. It will not be possible to devote a lot of time to each distribution. Plus, you will be taking a break and making mistakes often. The hourly payoff will be lower.

You need to play at the number of tables at which the hourly winnings are the highest. The number of tables is increased gradually. Once you learn to make decisions quickly, the number of tables will increase.

It is believed that multi-tabling requires a large monitor. But this is not necessary at all. The main thing is that the tables on the monitor are located in a convenient form. You can open tables so that they are stacked. Therefore, you do not need a larger monitor.

The most important thing you need to understand is the importance of gradually increasing the number of tables.